Pianist/conductor Francis Heilbut intoduces a concert in honor of Jenny Lind in 1973 on the ruins of Castle Clinton in Battery Park in New York City, the exact site of the American debut of the "Swedish Nightingale" in 1850. A young winner of the Jenny Lind Competition in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was on hand to perform at the event; her name, June Anderson.

Violinist Haromi Ebihara performs with pianist Francis Heilbut in Federal Hall, 1973

The Singing Master's Assistants perform at Federal Hall in 1973.

A second ALF concert with the American Symphony took place in 1975 at the renovated site conducted by American composer Morton Gould, and a third was a reenactment of the exact program sung by Jenny Lind at her1850 debut concert at Castle Garden and included, as a representation of the baritone who had toured America with Miss Lind, the Swedish baritone Hakan Haggegard making his debut performance in America.

In 1975 renovations of Castle Clinton,(which had subsequently become a 6,000 seat concert hall called "Castle Garden" and thereafter, until 1941, the New York Acquarium) were completed by the National Park Service. At the grand re-opening American Landmark Festivals presented Kazuyoski Akiyama conducting the American Symphony in an all Beethoven program concluding with the Ninth Symphony.

The Windsbacher Boys Choir performs at Federal Hall in New York City in 1983.

Gyuto Tantric monks from Tibet view the heights of American skyscrapers from the steps of Federal Hall in NEw York City on their first trip to America, presented by American Landmark Festivals in March, 1985 (before they were discovered by "The Grateful Dead").

Legendary pianist Felicja Blumenthal at her 1987 performance in Federal Hall.

Metropolitan Opera basso Jerome Hines sings on the steps of Federal Hall in 1989 to mark the Bi-Centennial of the United States Constitution

Two of Richard Tauber's beloved singing partners, Marta Eggerth and Jarmila Novotna, blow out the candles on his 100th Birthday Cake at Castle Clinton, May 16, 1991.This Centennial Birthday celebration was followed by a Gala Centennial Concert in Carnegie Hall on 12/11/91 with orchestra and a large roster of internationally renowed vocalists and other artists.

The Helsinki Chamber Ensemble performs Mendelssohn at Federal Hall in 1994

WQXR radio host Robert Sherman is joined by Judy Collins, Odetta and Pete Sieger in a tribute to "Woodie's Children" at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace in 1994.

American Landmark Festivals purchases an American Linden tree to be planted in Battery Park in honor of Jenny Lind. On Nov. 2, 1995, the anniversary of her death, the Jenny Lind tree is officially planted with golden shovels wielded by officers of the Swedish Embassy and the New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern.

Tenor Paul Sperry performs for Richard Tauber Day 1995 at Federal Hall in which the winner of the Richard Tauber International Competition for Tenors, John Uhlenhopp, also performed.